5 Things You Need to Know to Take the Guess Work Out of Guest Blogging

For freelancers seeking to establish their expertise and expand their “net-worth,” guest blogging can provide great benefits.

Think of it this way: your “cameo” appearance could be the equivalent of a celebrity featured on a popular talk show! (Minus the 5-star hotel and the fancy fitting room, of course).
Done correctly, it can introduce your product or service to new audiences, cultivate networking opportunities, increase your bottom line, and elevate your visibility exponentially. As far as free marketing goes, there’s no greater bang for your buck!

But with so many blogs saturating the Blogosphere, it can be difficult to decide how to make the most of this medium. Do a Google search on “Blogs” and you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with options on everything from art to zoology.
Where does one start for the best end results?

As a freelancer who’s had my work accepted by many of the highest ranked among award-winning Blogs, I offer the following five pointers to help you make the best decision and make the most of your efforts.

1. Recognize that all Blogs are not created equally---There are Blogs, and then there are Blogs. Do your homework. Visit different sites devoted to your niche area. How do they differ? Which ones are user friendly and attractive? If you wouldn’t consider the Blog as “bookmark worthy,” chances are others are not very impressed either.

2. Aim high---Choose the best of the best. When I was exploring the possibility of guest Blogging, I targeted Blogs that ranked the highest in Google searches, had a large number of subscribers, demonstrated artistic integrity, and had received recognition through various awards. You should too.

3. Assess your odds for success---Remember that no matter how awesome a Blog might be, if it’s not updated and maintained regularly and infused with new content, your work won’t receive the best exposure possible.

4. Work smarter, not harder---Some writers might be surprised to discover that often times Blogs will accept previously published submissions, as long as it’s not something that was heavily circulated on the Internet. Consider some of your pieces that have appeared in print publications or perhaps on your own personal Blog for guest posts. Doing so will save you time and energy. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

5. Think before you ink---Know that just as you’re evaluating Blog sites to see if they cut the mustard, Blog owners are “interviewing” you and your site as well. Write tight. Write well. And make sure that your Blog boasts of good clips and clever content, so that a link exchange will be a win-win situation for all parties involved. In the business world it’s viewed as success by association.

Follow these five tips and you’ll reap the many rewards of guest blogging, and become a welcome visitor in new territories.
For more blogging resources and opportunities, check out Cathy Stucker’s Blogger Link Up site at http://Bloggerlinkup.com/

Image: Freedigitalphotos.net

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