2013 Brings Another Year of Exciting Things Brewing at the Coffeehouse

Welcome, writers!
We're glad to have you here.
The Coffeehouse is looking forward to another year of fun, growth, and stimulating experiences. Whether you're a wannabe, a newbie, or a veteran scribe, we offer an array of resources, courses and support to help you achieve your goals in 2013.

Through our popular online workshops, chat groups, and informative Blog articles, you can expect to learn more and earn more.

Join us to reach new levels!

We ask your patience as the main site is being updated (and is currently under construction), to serve you better.  Classes are in session and ongoing.

Should you encounter any technical glitches when signing up, please feel free to contact:  Coffeejens@gmail.com.

So pull up a virtual chair, kick back, and prepare for a truly stimulating experience. Our doors are always open at the Coffeehouse.

Visit us today at WWW.Coffeehouseforwriters.com.

As always, thanks for your support. :-)


  1. Looking forward to the 2013 offerings!

  2. Replies
    1. Robyn,

      And it's super fantastic that you took the time to comment! Thanks.

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  4. Hi, this is my first time to stop by. I noticed you mentioned as a favorite on The Bookshelf Muse.

    I look forward to visiting often.

    1. Jackie,

      Thanks so much for the heads up! Welcome! We hope to have you visit again. :-)


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