Books and Coffee- A Review of 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block!

When a young lady that I mentor asked me to take a look at one of her projects, I was initially hesitant.
I like her. I wasn't sure I'd like her book.
And let's just say that my reputation for being brutally honest has bruised a few egos, and sometimes causes as much "static" as a load of fresh laundry straight out of the dryer.
In fact, in the past, I have declined the opportunity to critique other creatives' poems, books, products, ---------fill in the blank, to avoid potentially "sticky" situations.

But here, I admit that I was pleasantly surprised.
I wasn't quite sure as to the necessity of the book; thinking that a lot of it could probably be found on the Internet for free. Hello?

Yet, upon reading it, I could see how useful it had the potential of actually being.
62 Blog Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block is the ultimate resource to generating ideas that could generate a healthy following and a healthy bank account for today's blogger, if applied properly.

It's the equivalent of being "schooled"--minus the commute, college loans, and pop quizzes.

You'll find:
  • More than 5 dozen interesting, informative blog posts to help break through your "blog fog"
  • Visual examples of various categories to help implement the suggestions
  • Expertise provided by "top dog" bloggers who  have cult-like followings
  • Easy to understand instructions   
  • ...And more!

If you'd like to make 2014 a year to reach greater heights, and take your blogging to the next level, I highly recommend this great reference guide.

To learn more, visit:

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