This book's well-blended recipe of spicy stories, sweet memories, and tangy lessons learned, provides a cornucopia of soulful nourishment for young, as well as other “seasoned sistahs.” These wonderful writers drew me into their worlds as they graciously shared life-changing experiences in warm and welcoming cadences.

Each story shared lessons on one or more of these spices of life: faith, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, teaching, humility, self-reliance, and love.

These life lessons, among many others, explain why I loved this anthology of heartwarming stories.

“Grandmother’s Garden,” by Jo Ann Yolanda Hernandez is a sweet coming-of-age story of security and bonding between a granddaughter and grandmother. This is a peaceful story with rich imagery and texture.

Jennifer Brown Banks’ “Three Cheers for Courage: No guts, No glory!” is a passionate and poignant story about the gratifying power of fulfilling one’s dream…about the personal rewards of being bold, adventurous and courageous. It shows how faith, tenacity, and a victorious spirit can triumph over physical defeat.

“Menopause: The Madness and Mystery,” by Sandy Kay is an honest, humorous and upbeat story about the mystiques and adventures of menopause.

It reveals how fully embracing this pivotal chapter in our life can give birth to “unbelievable strength,” a heightened sense of humor, unbridled courage, “unrelenting perseverance,” and most of all, “unconditional self-acceptance” and love.

The stories mentioned here represent the appetizers to a sumptuous feast of timeless treasures included in the book.

I was captivated and comforted by this great anthology of stories--a wonderful celebration of unity, bonding, and infinite sisterhood.

This book is a real page-turner, a tasty blend of spicy, spirited lessons--ready to be shared.

It is the perfect heart-felt gift for you, the young, or “seasoned sistahs” in your life!

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  1. I want to thank reviewer Deborah Taylor for her rich and engaging review of my book, Life's Spices from Seasoned Sistahs. She describes events told by Yolanda Hernandez, Jennifer Brown-Banks, Sandy Kay and others describing their lessons learned. Her words affirm the goal of the book; to celebrate and unite women through their similarities. As the editor my goal was to showcase the voices of women of color to the world showing their talent for the craft of writing and telling their truths about life trials. These women displayed courage for the sistah-hood. Through their words other women can see themselves, build alliances, and bond with others. This shows that ultimately no matter your color or culture, these are truths for all women on life's journey. Finally, her depiction of it being a cornucopia of soulful nourishment for the young as well as the "seasoned sistahs” was right on point. My heart leaps at that description, for I did my work, the women did their work, and now the world can take in the nourishment!
    Vicki L. Ward, Editor


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