3 Thoughtful Ways to Recognize Clients During the Holidays!

Let’s face it: without clients, our freelance businesses would be nothing more than a pleasurable pursuit--a pipe dream, even.
Their confidence, compensation and continuous support helps to enhance our bottom lines and our quality of life.

Which is why the holiday season affords us the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation, stay on their radar, and perhaps cultivate interest in future projects.

With this in mind, here are 3 creative ways to capitalize on the holidays!

1. Send a Card.

Not the electronic kind; the physical ones sent through the snail mail. Include your business card, a brief personal note, and your signature, for a nice touch. Each year, my insurance agent sends me one and it really provides a very classy impression.

2. Get a clue.

Puzzled as to what type of gift to send to convey a favorable impression? Electronic gift cards are the perfect solution. And there’s a bonus here: EGC allow the recipient to choose from an assortment of options, based upon his/her preferences, interests, and lifestyle. They come in various denominations, and can be transmitted almost instantaneously.

3. Offer a holiday discount on your most popular services or products.

Your client saves money; you earn income. It’s a “win/win” for everybody.

'Tis the season of giving. Show your generosity to those who have patronized your business and partnered with you throughout the year, with these creative suggestions.

May the holiday season be one of abundant blessings and "warm" memories to cherish!
Thanks for your readership and support of the Coffeehouse for Writers.

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We look forward to serving you!

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