April is National Poetry Month...

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
As many of you are aware, April is designated National Poetry Month.
A time to honor, recognize and celebrate the literary contributions of poets around the world.

National Poetry Month was originally established in 1996, by the Academy of American Poets, and is said to be one of the largest literary celebrations in the world. The mission is to increase exposure and appreciation of poetry, through events, activities, and awareness programs sponsored on local and national levels.

With this as our goal, I'd like to share a few selected works from some contemporary poets that I think you'll enjoy.


Down glistening trash-strewn alleys, I'm dead on his heels
This thief caught in the act.
Pounding through the gangways-- I'm losing ground Reaching the open street, I'm alone. He has fled in a direction unknown.
I catch my breath near bystanders who gaze with suspicious eyes The cliche' falls from my lips; "Which way did he go?"
The nearest man appraises my badge, uniform, and spats a frothy wad at my feet followed by a smirk and a hard silence broken by the tittering of his peers in whose eyes he's grown.
I'd like to smirk in reply
                                                                                                                                           only I just turn and go sighing because I know it's simply a matter of time
before the very one who got away
returns to pick clean his saviors
oblivious to their aid.
(C) 2016 G.M. OQLAT




On loan
From heaven,
You grace us
With your presence
A mixture
Of sunshine
And thunder,
An unexpected wonder,
Touching hearts
Telling tales
Through your guitar
You elevate us
To that lofty place
You are
© 2006 Jennifer Brown Banks



Sitting here all alone,
Waiting by a muted phone,
Wanting you to come back home,
I wonder where you've gone?
My mind, my soul, my heart bleed,
I know now there is a pressing need,
One in which I did not succeed,
All because I failed to heed.
So now I sit alone and grieve,
Oh why did I not believe!
I never knew that it would lead,

To my total emptiness...I plead.

(C) 2010 A.D. MOORE


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